Smoke is a little grulla horse mainly used for western lessons in arena and trails. He’s a younger fella and loves the attention. He hasn’t been with me very long, but is learning how the lesson thing works. 


Barranday is a little mustang that was trained as a barrel and pole horse BUT is not a fan of them. So he is a western horse mainly for arena. He is not good on trails. He prefers to stay at home. 

John is an Appaloosa that is about 16HH and in his late teens. I rescued him from a guy in South Texas. He was so skinny but now he is fat and happy! He is a great trail horse and kid horse. He has a huge trot and canter. He is a little naughty like a two year old kid. Lol. I call him the treat king. John also knows the barrels just a little but is mainly used for trail and western lessons. 


Vlad! He's a Percheran that is 7 years old and 18.2 hands and is 1700 lbs. He does well with other horses and animals. He will lead and follow in a pack on trails. He loves loves attention and interaction with people. He is a special boy and beautiful! 

Everyone knows that animals have healing powers. They can take a person in the worst of spirits and make them smile. They can take someone hurting and help them forget about the pain. 

That is what the focus of our new program is all about. Healing from the INSIDE. Raising spirits while we help bridge the gap with the community and our homeless veterans. 

The purpose of this program is to include the homeless veterans we work with and help give them something to look forward to every day while we help bridge the gap between the homeless veterans and our community. We know with the launch of this program, we will be able to change a few hearts and minds and SHOW them the value of these men and women who were once disregarded. 

Wayne is the other half of John. They came together and he was skinny when I got him, same as John. They had weird names so I renamed them John and Wayne. He is a little Palomino and probably late teens also. He is same as John, great trail horse, western and some barrels.